We are a team of qualified Multimedia Artists and IT Technicians who have over 30 years combined experience building and supporting the systems that people use every day.


Our passion is to give you and your customers quality products and services by going that extra step until everyone is beyond satisfied with the outcome - including ourselves.


 Our clients span across many industries from Advertising (flyers and brochures, websites) to Education (system administration, desktop support) and even Hospitality (digital signage, AV consulting, remote support).

Graphics & Multimedia

3D & CAD
Get a clearer picture of your vision with accurate 3d modelling and CAD services
Photos & Graphics
For photo adjustments and alterations, illustrations, or photos taken with professional photography equipment.
Video & Animation
With industry standard tools we can create eye-catching animations for digital signage and other media applications, or convert your existing files over to the format that is required.
Vector Design
Convert existing graphics to Vector, or draw what you require such as logos, letterheads, or floorplans.
Sound & Music
We can organise voiceovers, background music, and licences for playing and rebroadcasting content.

Desktop Publishing


Business Cards




Websites & Web Applications

With a wealth of experience across many of the prominent web technologies, we can deliver almost any website or web application you require.  Some of our more specialised services are:

  • Website alterations
  • Convert an ageing dated website over to Wordpress to improve your SEO, maintenance, and appearance (including responsive designs for tablets)
  • Backups & Transferral of websites between different providers
  • Domain name registration
  • Highly customised / bespoke web applications (eg. intranets) in different programming languages
  • Website Hosting - from standard hosting providers, to amazon cloud, even extreme on-site clustered & failsafe solutions
  • Mobile applications

Chances are we can do what you need, and if we can't then we can help organise someone who can.

Digital Signage

We are super experts in supporting many digital signage platforms both graphically and technically.

We are also developers of signchro, an advanced digital signage platform which is the result of over 8 years of research, development, and commercial successes.  Our aim is to reduce the overall support costs typically associated with traditional digital signage systems, while improving the flexibility of the system.

Signchro has achieved this by a number of key factors:

  • Source the most energy efficient players with the least moving parts, yet with amazing power to drive the most animated displays
  • Significantly reduce IT support requirements by moving the content management to the cloud
  • Reduce the complexity of Audio/Video setups by allowing direct-to-tv cabling options as standard
  • Lower graphic (and graphics software) costs by providing the integrated tools and stock to create any attention grabbing display

These along with other features and advancements allow for a high quality digital signage solution without the complexities and limitations of others.

Find out more


Visit signagebank for stock graphics tailor made for your digital signage system, covering multiple resolutions and orientations.  Backgrounds and Animations available for Slides, Raffles, Events, Holidays, And many more.

iDesign, FlexiFi, FlexiFi2, Signchro, OneLan, BlueBox, Samsung Smart Signage TV's, Powerpoint Presentations, Sway, Keynote

Technical Services

Virus Removal, Software installation & removal, Dust cleaning of desktops and laptops
Intranets & VPNs
Connect multiple business networks together, or let your road-warriors in. And give all employees an Intranet to share and communicate ideas.
Amazon EC2, or we can even create your own!
From small energy efficient servers, to powerful large servers running multiple virtual machines
Sales, Repairs & Upgrades
Need something faster? We may be able to speed up what you already have, or find a suitable brand-name laptop or desktop that may suit. Or even tailor make a PC for you.
Help is available via Phone, Email, Remote Shell, Remote Desktop, and On-Site. And sometimes all of the above!
Open Source
We are specialists in Open Source, automatically reducing your costs with the stability and backing of 1000's of software professionals around the world

Keep your data safe

When it comes to data storage, failures do happen - There are so many things going on when it comes to harddrives and computers that it is bound to go wrong somewhere.  And we have seen it all which is why we go to considerable lengths to look after our data.

There is no reason why you shouldn't safeguard your data also.

Whether its giving your small business fast and reliable network storage, or sorting out high availability with clustered databases in the cloud.  We even write custom scripts for automatic off-site backups with efficient reduced data transfer methods.

  • Raid Arrays
  • Off-Site backups
  • Offline backups
  • Automated Snapshots
  • Website Backups
  • Data recovery & restoration

Contact us to see what we can do for you.



If you find you may have regular changes (digital signage, websites, backups) then our standard support contract might suit your needs.


pay as you go, no contracts

1 hour

Phone / Email / Remote Desktop / On-site support where possible

Customised Graphics

Rapid response

for large monthly changes

includes everything in the standard package

3 hours included

over 20% discount

We cover the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, and Worldwide online.

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